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Whether you want to grow and preserve your own food, live a healthier life thanks to natural products and ingredients, embrace self-reliance by living off the grid, prepare your family for a power outage or other emergency, or simply want to “do it yourself” at home, then you’ve come to the right place! We want all of those things too, so let’s learn together.

pumpkin puree

Make Your Own Pumpkin Purée: An Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial

Learn how to make your own pumpkin purée in this step-by-step guide. Discover the secrets to creating velvety, flavorful purée from scratch for all your fall recipes. Say goodbye to canned pumpkin and savor the natural goodness of homemade pumpkin purée today.

The Outdoor Apothecary

How to Cook a Fresh Pumpkin: A Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide

Learn how to cook a fresh pumpkin with our beginner’s guide! Discover the process, from choosing the perfect pumpkin to simple prep steps and versatile cooking techniques. Create delectable dishes such as soups and desserts, all while enjoying health benefits and the ability to customize flavors. Embrace the enchantment of autumn in your very own kitchen.

purslane recipe

Purslane Recipe: Embracing the Wild with Fermented Purslane, Ginger, and Garlic

This delightful fermented purslane recipe combines the earthy flavors of purslane with the pungent notes of garlic, the subtle heat of ginger, and the spicy kick of red pepper flakes. Fermenting the purslane adds depth and tanginess to the dish, creating a unique and probiotic-rich condiment that add depth to many dishes.

pumpkin patch

Pumpkin Patch 101: Easy Step-by-Step Guide for Starting Your Own

Discover the secrets to starting your own pumpkin patch with our comprehensive step-by-step guide! From selecting the perfect location to nurturing thriving pumpkin vines, this article covers everything you need to know. Unleash your passion for fall culture and create a successful pumpkin patch that thrives.

fermented zucchini

Fermented Zucchini Pickles: Delicious and Good for Your Gut

Discover the delicious world of fermented zucchini. Learn how to transform this versatile vegetable into tangy and probiotic-rich creations. Dive into the world of fermentation and unlock a whole new way to enjoy zucchini!

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