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Connect With Nature

It’s no secret that being in nature is good for the mind and body.  We believe the healthiest way to live is often the closest to nature, the simplest, the most practical, and promote a sustainable and lasting connection to our natural world.

At the Outdoor Apothecary, we believe that connecting and re-connecting with nature can help to lead a more balanced life. 

So, take a breath, take a walk in the woods, and re-connect. We promise you won’t regret it.

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Why Is It Important To Connect With Nature?

Studies reveal that we are healthier, happier, and perhaps even smarter and more creative when they have a connection to nature. Nature has positive effects on people with attention deficit disorder, asthma, and obesity, and being in nature relieves stress and improves physical health.

It’s important for your mental health to connect with nature. There’s nothing like spending time in nature to feed your soul. Whether it’s taking a long wilderness walk, working in your gardens, or just sitting quietly outside with the sun on your face.

So, whenever you feel your calm and peace really slipping, take some time to take a walk, clear your head and find your balance.

Regularly connecting with nature should be something we make time to incorporate into our everyday wellness plans, much like eating right or getting enough sleep.

How Do You Connect With Nature?

Spend time in nature. It has been revealed in scientific studies thay solitary activities like spending time in nature, fishing, or exploring outside are key to building strong bonds between people and nature. 

Nature connection is all about getting outside to explore a natural setting with your own basic sensory awareness & observation skills. In a technology-driven world, most people are only using a very small portion of their total capacity to sense and perceive what’s happening in their surroundings. 

In addition to developing your connection, you should endeavor to utilize herbs and adopt an herbal self-care practice for all-around health and wellness.

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