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Earth Medicine: A Practice of Connecting to the Natural World for Healing and Nourishment

What is Earth Medicine?

Earth Medicine is a spiritual practice of connecting with the natural world in order to heal and nourish our soul. It is an ancient practice that taps into the energies and elements of the Earth to bring balance and harmony to our lives. By connecting with the divine energy that flows through all living things, we open ourselves to a deep connection with the Earth and ourselves. 

Earth Medicine helps us to understand the interconnectedness and balance of the natural world, and encourages us to respect and honor the Earth and all its creatures. We can use this knowledge to live in harmony with the Earth, to find healing and peace, and to create a more sustainable and compassionate world. 

This approach to wellness recognizes the Earth’s special healing properties and the importance of a strong bond with the land for overall health. It acknowledges that we are interconnected with nature, and that in order to maintain harmony with nature, we must respect and nurture the Earth.

Earth Medicine is a holistic approach to health and wellness that draws on traditional healing practices, as well as scientific research and emphasizes the importance of earth elements such as forests, plants, water, and land. It serves as an antidote to the fast-paced lifestyle of the 21st century, promoting mindful reconnection with these elements. 

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The Benefits of Earth Medicine

The Earth, and spending time connecting with her, has many potential health and wellness benefits, which have been validated by research. For example, simply taking the time to explore and connect with nature can be incredibly beneficial for our mental, physical, and emotional health. 

Studies have found that activities like forest bathinghorticultural therapy, and simply being outdoors can reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improve cognitive function.  Here are some of the results of this research:

  1. Spending time in nature can reduce stress and anxiety[1], and feel more grounded in our bodies and minds.
  2. Green spaces have been found to have positive social and environmental impacts, which are increasingly being taken into account in urban planning. [2]
  3. Horticultural therapy, which involves cultivating living things, has been demonstrated to help lessen negative emotions, and boost cognitive function[3].
  4.  There is proof of the health benefits to be gained from taking energy and nutrients from the Earth. From essential components such as water and sunlight, to minerals that can help treat skin conditions such as psoriasis[4], aid muscle recovery, and reduce inflammation[5], the Earth is a source of life-giving elements. 
  5. You can develop a deeper level of understanding through connecting to the Earth, especially using traditional healing practices, which often include a spiritual aspect. They provide a conduit to bonding with the land, and help us to learn from the cycles of nature. They serve to bring about healing within oneself [6] and create a more fulfilling life filled with joy, love, and abundance.

Earth Medicine is as old as our earliest human ancestors. The ancient ones discovered their Medicine and Magical ways through their harmonious relationship with the Earth, the Moon, and the Cosmos.

How Earth Medicine Nourishes

There is also evidence to suggest that drawing energy and nutrients from the Earth can help keep us healthy. We are lucky to have access to the Earth’s life-giving elements such as water, sunlight, minerals, and plants. Incorporating these natural elements into our lives can be incredibly beneficial.

Some ways you can do this is to make healing teas and remedies using elements from the earth.  Here are a few easy ones you can start with:

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Ways to Adopt Earth Medicine Practices

The Earth is a source of life and healing, and it is important to keep yourself connected to her. There are many ways you can connect with the Earth in your everyday life no matter where you live.

Whether you’re living in a big city or in a small town, there are many ways to connect with the natural world around you. You don’t need to have a garden or live in the country to feel like you’re connecting with something bigger than yourself.   

Here are a few other simple ways to connect and utilize Earth Medicine in your everyday life:

  1. Go for a walk.
  2. Visit a park or other green space.
  3. Meditate in nature or adopt a sit spot.
  4. Open your windows when the weather is suitable and take in the fresh air – many of us never open our windows and miss out on the chance to connect with nature. 
  5. Incorporate ancestral foods into your diet by foraging for them or purchasing locally. Incorporating ancestral foods into your diet can help you stay grounded and connected to the Earth.
  6. If you don’t have access to outdoor space, keep plants in your home and nurture them.
  7. Walk barefoot (called grounding).
  8. Go swimming in the ocean or any natural body of water.
  9. Get a massage with essential oils
  10. Take a bath with mineral salts, herbs, and essential oils
  11. Drink herbal tea.
  12. Learn about wild edible foods and go foraging.
  13. Pick wildflowers and bring them into the house. 
  14. Display items collected from nature.
  15. Do some stargazing or cloud watching.
  16. Keep a nature journal.
  17. Learn about the moon phases. 

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