Ancestral Wisdom

Ancestral lifeways wisdom explores our desire to reclaim our roots and our “Ancestral Mind”, an essential aspect to re-rooting ourselves and falling in love with the Earth again, to revere Earth’s natural elements, manifestations, and creatures as sacred, and to return to peaceful co-existence and respect for all life. 

Our ancestors lived in plant-based cultures and had many healing traditions. Plants and herbal medicines were woven into their daily lives. These traditions were a source of joy and sustenance as well as allies in healing.

Improve your relationship with Mother Earth by learning healing lore from times when plants spoke and we listened, and to learn to walk again in balance with the Earth. Understand how connecting to the Land is a portal to connecting to our Ancestors, and Ancestors of the Land we may live within, and the responsibility that comes with this.

Here you will find ideas, inspiration, and guides to help you to get in alignment with the earth’s seasons, cultivate the magical, healing potential of plants and herbs, honored your own intuitive abilities, and lived in synchronicity with the cycles of the moon and the life force. 

Ancestral Wisdom is knowledge, heuristics (guidelines, principles), and ways of being that make our lives better, more meaningful, purposeful, prosperous, and joyful—hidden in culture, traditions, stories, art, songs, and prayers.   

Ancestral Wisdom transmits support and advice from ancestors who, even though they passed on long ago, are still helping us today in subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, ways.

april's full moon

April’s Full Moon: Celebrating the Beauty and Magic of the Pink Moon

Discover the magic of April’s Full Moon, also known as the Pink Moon. From its history and spiritual significance to folklore and rituals, this article delves into all aspects of the Pink Moon. Learn how to honor this celestial event with 10 unique ways, and embrace the power of renewal and growth that comes with the start of Spring.

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nature's cycles

Honor Nature’s Cycles through 8 Wondrous Seasonal Shifts

Celebrating the seasonal shifts of the wheel of the year is a great way to honor nature’s cycles and celebrate the natural rhythms of life. In this blog article, you’ll learn how each turn of the wheel can help you honor the changing of the seasons and find out how to make the most of each season’s unique energy.

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march's full moon

March’s Full Moon: Celebrating a Full Worm Moon

March’s full moon is also known as the Worm Moon, as it marks the time of year when earth slowly begins to warm up after the winter, making earthworms come out of the ground to feed. You’ll discover the stories and folklore behind March’s Full Worm Moon, as well as tips on how you can make the most of this full moon.

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ancestral lineage

11 Powerful Ways to Connect With Your Ancestral Lineage

By going within to discover your own ancestral lineage, you may surprise yourself with what you find out. By connecting to your ancestors in this way, you may find that incredible source of belonging that has been missing your whole life. It is an essential practice for us today, a way to heal our lost connection to the earth and each other. It can help us realize a love for where we are on this planet that we may have never thought possible before.

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