Ancestral Wisdom

Ancestral lifeways wisdom explores our desire to reclaim our roots and our “Ancestral Mind”, an essential aspect to re-rooting ourselves and falling in love with the Earth again, to revere Earth’s natural elements, manifestations, and creatures as sacred, and to return to peaceful co-existence and respect for all life. 

All of our ancestors once lived in plant-based cultures and had traditional practices for self and community healing. Plants and herbal medicines were strongly woven into the wisdom, magic, and spirit of place while converging in culture with foods, stories, and plant-focused rituals. These traditions were a source of joy, celebration, and sustenance as well as allies in daily, seasonal, and multi-generational life.

Improve your relationship with Mother Earth by learning healing lore from times when plants spoke and we listened, and to learn to walk again in balance with the Earth. Understand how connecting to the Land is a portal to connecting to our Ancestors, and Ancestors of the Land we may live within, and the responsibility that comes with this.

Here you will find ideas, inspiration, and guides to help you to get in alignment with the earth’s seasons, cultivate the magical, healing potential of plants and herbs, honored your own intuitive abilities, and lived in synchronicity with the cycles of the moon and the life force. 

Ancestral Wisdom is knowledge, heuristics (guidelines, principles), and ways of being that make our lives better, more meaningful, purposeful, prosperous, and joyful—hidden in culture, traditions, stories, art, songs, and prayers.   

Ancestral Wisdom transmits support and advice from ancestors who, even though they passed on long ago, are still helping us today in subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, ways.


ostara celebration
Ancestral Lifeways Wisdom
Barbi Gardiner

An Ostara Celebration – A Day of Perfect Balance

The act of planning and preparing an Ostara celebration can help you feel rooted & empowered in your life, by giving you a deep understanding of seasonal energy. 

The Outdoor Apothecary


  • The Outdoor Apothecary

    Barbi Gardiner is a bioregional herbalist, gardener, forager, modern naturalist and creator from the “quiet corner” of Connecticut in what is known as The Last Green Valley - the largest stretch of dark night sky in the Northeast megalopolis corridor. She is of Chaubunagungamaug Nipmuck, Polish, and Scandinavian descent and is committed to reviving the plant knowledge of her ancestors. The Outdoor Apothecary aims to inspire people to return to their roots, rewild themselves with nature, and rediscover the joy of living a simple life.

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