The Outdoor Apothecary

The Outdoor Apothecary


I’m a bookish “nature girl”/ “earth mother” who loves to read and walk in the woods, a wildcrafter & herbalist, an avid gardener & collector of nature specimens, a nature journaler, a forager, and field guide enthusiast. I’m especially passionate about reclaiming goddess traditions and exploring the feminine mysteries of nature and plant magic.

I spent all my time outside exploring our natural world as a child and I’m now devoted to reviving the ancestral wisdom of plants as medicine, healers and spiritual guides. I love spending hours outside tending to my gardens, gathering plants and herbs, spot sitting in nature,forest bathing, writing and taking pictures.

Currently, I’m having fun creating an herbal/nature studio space, planning my garden, writing about winter herbal recipes and dreaming about spring. 

I give deep thanks and gratitude to my Chaubunagungamaug Nipmuck family for inspiring me to honor our Mother Earth by dedicating myself to studying and sharing ancient lifeways and reviving the wonderous arts of plant medicine  and nature connectedness. I sincerely hope you’ll join me on this journey of discovery. 


 Here you can learn a little about us and what we believe in. . We promote a sustainable and lasting connection to our natural world, the plants, and our wild nature through herbal self-care, herbal remedies, and ancestral lifeways.

It’s no secret that being in nature is good for the mind and body. From indigenous adolescents completing rites of passage in the wild to modern East Asian cultures taking “forest baths,” many have looked to nature as a place for healing and personal growth.

We believe the healthiest way to live is often the closest to nature, the simplest, the most practical. Herbalism and many of the simple herbal remedies we share have been around for an awfully long time for a good reason. They’re practical. They’re simple, and most importantly, they’re healthy.

At the Outdoor Apothecary, we believe that connecting and re-connecting with nature can help to lead a more balanced life. 

So, take a breath, take a walk in the woods, and re-connect. We promise you won’t regret it.