An Honest Herbal Academy Review: Is It Worth the Time and Money?

Learn about the Herbal Academy’s online herbalism school in our honest review. Uncover the pros and cons, curriculum depth, teaching methods, and cost to make an informed decision. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced herbalist, find out if Herbal Academy is the right fit for your herbal education journey.

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Best Books about Northeast Foraging: My Favorites List

Discover the best books on Northeast foraging! Explore a curated list of my favorite resources for identifying and preparing wild edibles and medicinal plants in the Northeastern part of the US. Enhance your foraging adventures with these invaluable guides.

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70 Wild Plants You Didn’t Know You Could Eat

Discover a whole new world of edible plants with our blog article on 70 wild plants you didn’t know you could eat! From common backyard weeds to edible wildflowers, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of plants that are not only safe to eat but also delicious and packed with nutrients. Expand your culinary horizons and learn about the various parts of each plant that are edible, as well as tips on foraging and preparation. Get ready to explore the wild side of your pantry with this ultimate guide to edible wild plants.

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The 22 Best Herbal Medicine Books for Self-Study

These 22 herbal medicine books are the perfect starting point for any beginner herbalist looking to expand their knowledge and skills. From identifying herbs to making remedies, these books offer a wealth of information and guidance.

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24 Free Online Herbalist Courses and Resources to Jumpstart your Herbal Education

Looking to delve into the world of herbalism? Our blog article highlights 24 amazing free online herbalist courses and resources that will jumpstart your herbal education. From beginner to advanced, these courses cover a range of topics and provide a solid foundation for your herbal studies. Start your journey towards becoming a herbalist today!

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Best Holiday Gifts for Herbalists, Nature Lovers, and Wildcrafters

There’s still time to pick up the perfect holiday gifts for herbalists, nature lovers, and wildcrafters in your life! This list is packed with goodies that will appeal to anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. From books on herbalism and foraging to herb grinders and binoculars, there’s something for everyone on your list.

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