weaving on a tree branch

Branch Weaving: Create a Unique & Whimsical Nature Craft in a Weekend

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branch weaving

I love both nature and crafts, so this little weaving project was the best of both worlds for me.  The best part is that it’s so simple that even the most inexperienced weaver can learn branch weaving!

It’s a great nature craft for adults and children alike and can be completed easily in a weekend. The resources to do so are inexpensive and found almost anywhere. All you need to dive into branch weaving is a Y-shaped stick, yarn, a large-eyed needle and a bit of patience.


Materials Needed

Weaving Instructions

I stumbled upon branch weaving when I was looking at nature crafts on Pinterest, then searched the web for instructions on making my own. I followed these steps:

  1. Select a good branch! This is an opportunity to get outside. I recommend taking a hike through a woody area (or even your own backyard).  Make it a whole family activity and task your children with helping to find a branch that is Y-shaped with a prong wide enough to fit some weaving between. Just don’t choose anything too flimsy.  Basically, the branch is going to become your loom and it needs to be sturdy enough to withstand a bit of pulling and tugging. 

2) Gather all the other materials needed.  You’ll need some yarn or string.  I suggest using a few different colors for contrast.  You will also need a needle with an eye large enough to fit yarn or string through and a pair of scissors.  To finish off your weaving project, you may also choose to use a crochet hook to weave in and hide any loose strings.  This isn’t necessary but gives a more polished finish to the end product. 


3) Warp your branch. The warp is the set of yarns or other things stretched in place on a loom before the weft is introduced during the weaving process. 

To create our warp, first tie your yarn to the bottom leg of the Y. Next, carry your yarn across the open space horizontally and wrap it around the top leg two times. Then carry the yarn back to the bottom leg and wrap twice more. Keep going like this: always wrap twice around each leg. This keeps the yarn in place and from becoming too loose. Leave some space between each strand of yarn so you’ve got enough room to weave in weft (the vertical weaving). 

When finished you will have a 2-sided warp, and you can decide whether to weave on one side or both. I chose to weave through both the front and back. 


4) Begin weaving! Pick the yarn color you’d like for your first row and thread it through the needle.  I like to start at the top of the Y and work my way down to where the Y-shape begins. I leave two to three inches of yarn hanging at the open end of the warp which I will weave in at the end of the weaving project. Weave your yarn through the warp in an over-under-over-under pattern until you’re happy with the look. To finish with that color, weave to the end of the warp and then cut it, leaving a 2″ tail. You’ll weave that tail into the piece at the end.

Repeat this process as you switch yarn colors. For more intricate designs, try switching up your weaving pattern. I like my simple rows of color, and I’m still a little new to weaving so I kept it pretty simple.

Tip: Use a fork to pull your yarn/string in tight before starting the next row.  Do this for each row completed. 

weaving on a tree branch

5) Finishing Off -To finish off your branch weaving, weave in the tails between rows of yarn just as you wove the rest of the yarn in an over-under pattern. I find it is easiest to use a small crochet hook to do this especially if your weaving is tight. Make sure the end of the yarn goes over the warp so it is only visible from the back. Hang it on the wall or put it on a table for colorful décor.

This fun weaving project is sure to be a conversation starter! Plus, it’s a fun project for anyone interested in nature crafts and creating with their hands! Try it with kids to get them into nature and weaving.

Branch Weaving Tutorial

Play Video about weaving

There is so much to be learned from nature, and this weaving project is a great way for you to get outside and in touch with nature more. The end result is a fun and decorative piece that adds a bit of whimsical fun to home decor. 

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