Sacred Plant Wisdom

Traditional Plant Teachings – Discover how sacred plant wisdom is the secret to vibrant health. Come explore the time honored traditional teachings from the wisdom of our sacred plant ancestors.

dandelion root

Easy Dandelion Root Tincture Recipe

This easy dandelion root tincture recipe is perfect for beginners. Can be used to support overall health and wellbeing as well as for liver, kidney, digestive, and gallbladder support.

uses for forsythia

Surprising Benefits and Medicinal Uses for Forsythia

In addition to their cheery presense, there are a surprising number of other uses for forsythia. They can be eaten and used for medicine. In this article I will show you the benefits and uses for forsythia as well as how make a tincture, tea, syrup, and salve using this lovely plant. 

herbal steam

Herbal DIY Facial Steam Recipe for Natural Skin Support

One of my favorite winter season holistic skin supports is an herbal steam. This is easy to create, and it is beneficial not only for our skin, but also for our mind, spirit, and respiratory system.

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