DIY Skills

Whether you want to grow and preserve your own food, live a healthier life thanks to natural products and ingredients, embrace self-reliance by living off the grid, prepare your family for a power outage or other emergency, or simply want to “do it yourself” at home, then you’ve come to the right place! We want all of those things too, so let’s learn together.

honeysuckle wine

Easy Honeysuckle Wine Recipe: One Gallon

Summer is the time that I most love for making flower wines like this easy recipe for honeysuckle wine. It’s subtle and delicious and totally captures the essence of summer.

sourdough recipe from starter

Easy Sourdough Recipe From Starter

Try this easy sourdough recipe from starter to make a rustic sourdough bread that has a chewy crust and a soft center. It is pure comfort food!

violet jelly

Wild Violet Jelly: Springtime in a Jar

If you’re lucky enough to have sweet violets in your yard, then you absolutely must try this delicious recipe for violet jelly. It’s like springtime in a jar!

rhubarb wine

Amazing Country Rhubarb Wine Recipe

If you grow a lot of Rhubarb, consider making some delicious wine with some of your harvest. It’s tasty and easy to make – here’s how to make Rhubarb Wine.

country wines

Making Country Wines: Super Easy 6 Step Method

Making country wines with homegrown, foraged, and handpicked fruit, vegetables, herbs, and flowers is easier than you think! Learn the ins and outs with this fool-proof basic method.

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