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The Outdoor Apothecary inspires naturally minded people to live with the seasons, become self-reliant, connect with nature, and protect their health through herbal living.  We love celebrating “the old ways” of living to bring blessings to ourselves, our families, communities and to Mother Earth. We offer articles, tips, recipes and ideas on practical self-reliance, simple herbal remedies, foraging, gardening and reconnecting ourselves to our natural world and sacred ancestral traditions.

In her garden

About Me: Barbi

I’m a bookish “earth mother” who loves to read and walk in the woods. I’m a wildcrafter & herbalist, avid gardener, collector of nature specimens, and field guide enthusiast. 

I spent most of my childhood exploring our natural world and I’m now devoted to reviving the ancestral wisdom of plants as medicine and healers. I love spending hours outside tending to my gardens, gathering plants and herbs, being in nature,and learning skills of self-reliance like homemade soapmaking. 

I give deep thanks and gratitude to my Chaubunagungamaug Nipmuck family for inspiring me to honor our Mother Earth by dedicating myself to studying and sharing ancient lifeways and reviving the wonderous arts of plant medicine and nature connectedness. I sincerely hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Rewild Your Life

Connecting with nature is more than a walk through the woods. It’s about being conscious of seasonal changes, becoming attuned with the plants around us, and relearning the nature-language we’ve forgotten through our modern lives.   We believe that incorporating the “old ways” of doing things, growing and harvesting our own food, and having a do-it-yourself spirit, promotes self-sufficiency and is an important part of leading a healthier lifestyle, closer to nature. 

We hope to provide you with a foundation to rewild yourself through aligning with the cycles of the seasons and to help you in discovering the energies of the seasonal cycles. 

Nourish Yourself with Nature

Free 29-page Guidebook to Celebrating the Seasons

A Guided Workbook to help you celebrate nature’s seasonal cycles with mindfulness and meaningful intentions – our gift to you! Learn how to live a mindful nature-connected life.

Recent Posts

bath soak recipe

Cedarwood and Sage Winter Bath Soak Recipe

This evergreen forest bath salt is my very favorite bath soak recipe for winter.  Luxurious Dead Sea salt is combined with other therapeutic salts along with the grounding and antimicrobial nature of pine needles, cedar, juniper, and sage for a relaxing bath.

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fire cider

Fire Cider for Incredible Seasonal Immune Support

As the colder weather starts to set in, many of us start worrying about how we’ll stay healthy during the season. One great way to boost your immunity is by using fire cider. This natural remedy is easy to make and can help keep you healthy all winter long. Keep reading for instructions on how to make your own fire cider and some of its benefits.

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autumn olive berries

Autumn Olive Berries: An Amazing Superfood

Autumn olive berries are a magical fruit that can be found in the fall months. These berries have been used to make teas and jellies, and fruit leathers, but they also serve as an herb for maintaining overall health. In this blog post, we’ll talk about identifying, harvesting, and enjoying the many benefits of Autumn Olive Berries.

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Shop Seasonal Guides & Workbooks

  • Ostara Celebration Guide
    Digital Downloads

    Ostara Celebration Guide: 49 Pages to Connect You With the Energy of the Season.

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    This lovely and functional Ostara celebration guide bundle is perfect for planning your days throughout the Ostara season. Includes 49 pages to connect you with the energy of the season of Ostara. Reflections. Rituals. Magical Correspondences.

  • Imbolc Celebration Guide
    Digital Downloads

    Imbolc Celebration Guide: 47 Pages to Connect You With the Energy of the Season.

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    This lovely and functional Imbolc celebration guide bundle is perfect for planning your days throughout the Imbolc season. Includes 47 pages to connect you with the energy of the season of Imbolc. Reflections. Rituals. Magical Correspondences.

  • Yule Celebration Guide
    Digital Downloads

    Yule Celebration Guide: A 26 Page Guide for Seasonal Connection

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    The Yule Celebration Guide is the perfect companion for celebrating the winter solstice, the dark half of the year. In it, you will find history, rituals, recipes, and journaling pages all related to this holiday. In this guide you’ll find herb and crystal correspondences, planner pages and lots more.

  • autumn almanach

    Autumn Almanach – a guide to self-care & magic during the fall season

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    A practical illustrated guide to all things mystical that you can do in Autumn to connect with nature and the deepest parts of yourself. This magical seasonal guide also includes weekly planner pages, to-do list pages, notes pages, and checklists to help you make the most of autumn.

  • forager's journal
    Digital Downloads

    The Gathering Wild Foraging Journal

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    This Foraging Log/Journal will help you get the most out of each foraging season! This journal was designed to help you record all the details of your foraging adventures. Keep track of what you find, your favorite spots to forage, and all of your observations, so you can remember the best spots to check each season. Includes Bonus Material.

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