Using What Nature Gives Us – Wild plants are abundant, flourishing in fields, meadows, woodlands, and seaside! These plants teach us about healing and nourish those who have a calling to walk the green path. Here you’ll find my favorite wild edible food foraging recipes made from wild “weeds” and plants that grow in our backyard gardens and in forested areas. Learn how to make delicious edible, medicinal, and healthy recipes with what grows naturally around us.

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wild black raspberry jam

Small Batch Wild Black Raspberry Jam Recipe

This recipe for small batch wild black raspberry jam is my favorite because it only has three ingredients and no pectin.  All you need are raspberries, granulated white sugar, and lemon juice. 

trout lily uses

Yellow Trout Lily Uses, Identification, and Habitat

Believe it or not, there are many yellow trout lily uses. From being an ancestral food source to having many medicinal properties. This is a little talked about plant that In my opinion deserves more attention.

foraging for ramps

The Ultimate Guide to Foraging for Ramps

One of the first things I look forward to in early spring is foraging for ramps. They’re nutritious, delicious , and versatile as to its culinary uses.

wild black raspberry jam

Wild Edible Foods and Ancestral Eating

Today, many herbalists know that ancestral eating contributes significantly to our overall health and wellbeing and believe that the food we consume IS medicine.

dandelion jelly

How to Make Amazing Dandelion Jelly: Sunshine in a Jar

I’m going to share with you a super simple recipe for dandelion jelly that has become an early spring favorite in my family. In fact, I like to put up a few jars to open in the winter months as a little reminder that spring isn’t really that far away.

syrup of violets

Syrup of Violets: The Perfect Ode to Spring

Syrup of violets is the perfect springtime and early summer treat that’s perfect for special celebrations like Mother’s Day, bridal showers and weddings.

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