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Easy DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

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 This DIY mason jar herb garden is a great way to save money and have access to fresh, organic produce year-round. With a few simple materials and a little time, you can have your own herb garden in as little as one day.

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There’s a chill in the air and we know that Fall is finally here! That means apple picking, pumpkin carving, and lots of mason jar crafts! My favorite mason jar idea it to start a mason jar herb garden. This craft is perfect for gardeners to help you get you through the colder months with fresh herbs. If you are looking for some fun fall ideas to make with your kids or friends this year, then look no further. Not only does this herb garden idea have practical use, but these jars also look adorable on any kitchen windowsill. 

Growing your own herbs is a great way to save money and have access to fresh, organic produce year-round. This craft uses common household items and can be done in as little as one day! 

So, if you’re looking for a way to grow fresh herbs indoors, this post is just what you need! We will talk about how easy it can be to create an indoor herb garden in mason jars. You’ll find out the materials needed and assembly instructions. There are even tips on care so your plants stay healthy all year long. Ready? Let’s get started!  Want more gardening advice? Check out our blog posts related to growing vegetables or herbs at home- we have lots of helpful info that could come in handy if you’re considering starting your own edible garden space soon!

mason jar

What materials you will need?

For this project, you’ll need four items: a Mason jar, potting mix, rocks or pebbles, and seed packets or seedlings. If you don’t have mason jars handy, you can save money by upcycling glass containers that previously stored pasta sauce or jam! Since the roots of your plants need space to grow, make sure to choose jars that are at least four inches deep to give the roots plenty of room for expansion.

  • 1 mason jar per herb plant or type of seeds you want to grow indoors
  • 1 cup of pebbles or marbles
  • soil for planting (use a potting mix from the garden center)
  • seed packets or seedlings

What herbs grow best in mason jars?

You’ll need to go with herbs that don’t require soil that easily drains because you certainly won’t have that at the bottom of a mason jar.

Here are a few herbs that grow well in mason jars:

How much sun do indoor herbs need?

Indoor herbs require six hours or more of sun each day for optimal growth. Make sure that you choose a sunny spot in your home, preferably in your kitchen for convenience when cooking. Trust me, you’ll be wanting to add these fresh herbs to everything!

Do mason jar herb gardens work?

Yes. They work marvelously, as long as you follow the instructions and use a potting mix for indoor plants to fill your mason jar.

Mason jars herbs are probably the most useful gift that cooks or herb lovers could receive during winter because fresh herbs are impossible to grow outside for many of us living in cold winter climates. This gift allows people to cook with homegrown ingredients all year round!

These are especially great when beautifully labeled and presented with a set of wooden cooking utensils.

How to Assemble Your Herb Garden

After you’ve gathered all of your ingredients, the next step is to assemble your Mason jar herb garden. Choose one mason jar for each different type of herb you plan to grow. This is something that you can assemble in less than an hour and makes this is the perfect weekend project! 

mason jar

Step 1. Fill the bottom one or two inches of your jar with rocks, pebbles, or marbles for drainage. If you own a glass drill, you can drill a few holes for drainage. If this isn’t a tool that you have, the gravel or marbles will be fine and will prevent your roots from rotting from too much moisture.

mason jar

Step 2. Add potting mix to the jar only filling it about three-quarters of the way full. Do not tamp down the soil, but rather keep it loosely packed in order to give your plants the best chance to thrive and absorb water and nutrients.

Give the jar a gentle shake to get some of the soil to settle into the rocks a bit. 

mason jar

Step 3. The Last step is to sow your seeds or add your transplanted seedlings. If you plan to start your garden from seeds, simply sprinkle a few seeds onto the soil, then cover loosely with half an inch of potting soil. If using seedlings, a wooden spoon handle, or other skinny stick to carefully dig a hole for the plant’s roots, then cover the roots with dirt.

You’ll want to gently water in your seeds or seedlings, then place your mason jar herbs by a bright window where they can get at least six hours of sunlight each day.

Future maintenance

  • Water Regularly: Indoor herb gardens need to be watered regularly. Do not allow them to dry out, but you should also not overwater them.
  • Thin crowded seedlings: If starting your herbs from seed, it may be necessary to thin out the weaker plants as they start to grow and appear crowded. If you have multiple plants, you’ll also want to make sure to label the different jars.
  • Pay attention to room temperatures: Keep them in rooms that are at least 65-75°F during the day, and no less than 55-60°F at night. 
  • Harvest correctly: Only harvest a few sprigs at a time. Use sharp kitchen shears for snipping or by pinching leaves off with your fingers. Bonus: Regular cutbacks encourage new growth. Avoid removing more than a quarter of the plant at a time, which will cause distress and could even kill the plant.
mason jar herb garden on windowsill

Labeling You Jars

If giving these jars as gifts, you’ll want to label them. 

I like to wrap jute twine around the jar a few times and then hang either a handmade tag or a purchased tag that you can write on. 

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