April 2021

how to celebrate beltane

How to Celebrate Beltane: Feasts, Fires & Full Awakening

If you’re curious about the ancient fire festival and how to celebrate Beltane, keep reading to learn more. We’ll explore what exactly Beltane is, how it’s celebrated today, and, most importantly, what foods to make for a Beltane feast.

thyme is good for

12 Things Thyme is Good For: Uses & Benefits

There are so many things thyme is good for, from its use in skincare preparations, to its delicious flavor in culinary recipes, this herb should be included in every home herb garden.

dandelion jelly

How to Make Amazing Dandelion Jelly: Sunshine in a Jar

I’m going to share with you a super simple recipe for dandelion jelly that has become an early spring favorite in my family. In fact, I like to put up a few jars to open in the winter months as a little reminder that spring isn’t really that far away.

syrup of violets

Syrup of Violets: The Perfect Ode to Spring

Syrup of violets is the perfect springtime and early summer treat that’s perfect for special celebrations like Mother’s Day, bridal showers and weddings.

foraging violets

Ultimate Guide to Foraging Violets for Food and Medicine

Foraging violets couldn’t be easier in many parts of the US. The tend to grow plentifully, in fact, are often considered invasive, which is good for us foragers and wildcrafters. This allows us to forage violets til our hearts content!

health benefits of mullein

Health Benefits of Mullein – An Amazing Herb to Know

Many people are unaware of the health benefits of mullein and regard it as a plant to eradicate from their landscape. The truth, however, is that mullein has many health benefits and is a favorite of many herbalists for its uses and versatility. 

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