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Following Nature’s Calendar (With FREE Seasonal Checklist)

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Explore the beauty of living in sync with nature’s calendar. Discover how each season offers unique opportunities for growth, reflection, and joy.

As a bioregional herbalist nestled in the “Quiet Corner” of Connecticut, I’ve come to appreciate the profound beauty and wisdom inherent in nature’s calendar. Each season here is like a chapter in an ever-evolving story, painting the landscape with its unique palette and offering us lessons on living a harmonious and grounded life.

Following Nature's Calendar

foraging violets - spring herbs
Nature's Calendar - Embracing Spring

Spring: A Time of Renewal and Rejuvenation

Spring is like nature’s gentle nudge, waking us up from the winter’s rest with a burst of life. It’s amazing how those first little buds and soft blooms do more than just signal warmer weather; they’re like a friendly reminder from nature itself to start fresh and rejuvenate. This time of year is perfect for shaking off the old and welcoming in the new, in every aspect of our lives.

It’s the season where we get to hit the refresh button. Think about sprucing up your habits, clearing out the clutter from your living spaces, and planting new seeds, both in your garden and in your life. It’s about starting new projects or picking up new hobbies, kind of like planting seeds and watching them grow.

Spring is also the time to reconnect with the great outdoors. As everything around us springs to life, it’s the perfect backdrop for getting back in touch with nature. Whether it’s going for a hike, picking wild herbs, or just taking a leisurely walk in a park full of blooming flowers, being outside just feels right in spring.

This season is all about finding that sweet spot of balance too. With days and nights equally long around the equinox, it’s a natural time to look for balance in our own lives. Balancing work with relaxation, time with friends and time alone, giving and receiving – it’s all part of the spring vibe.

In the kitchen, spring brings a whole new palette of flavors. It’s the time for light, fresh meals made with seasonal goodies like crisp greens, tender asparagus, and sweet peas. Eating what’s in season not only tastes great, but also keeps us in tune with nature’s rhythms.

But more than anything, spring is a time to celebrate life. It’s about enjoying the beauty around us, rediscovering our sense of wonder, and finding joy in the little things. Whether it’s getting lost in a field of wildflowers, listening to the birds sing their hearts out, or just hanging out with friends and family in the fresh air, spring is full of moments to be cherished.

So, in a nutshell, spring is all about growth, balance, and connection. It’s the season of nature’s calendar that encourages us to embrace change, start new journeys, and enjoy the rejuvenating energy of life starting anew.

reflections of 2023
Nature's Calendar - Embracing Summer

Summer: Embracing Abundance and Outdoor Living

There’s something magical about summer, isn’t there? During this time of year, I always feel this irresistible pull to step outside and soak up the sunshine. Those long, bright days invite us to revel in its full, vibrant glory. It’s the season where everything feels alive and buzzing with energy, from the early morning birdsong to the late evening sunsets.

In my garden, summer is a time of sheer abundance. It’s amazing to see the plants that were just seedlings in spring now bursting with fruits and veggies. There’s a real joy in harvesting something you’ve grown yourself, isn’t there? And the local markets – they’re just overflowing with fresh produce. I love strolling through the stalls, picking out things that I don’t grow myself. It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative in the kitchen, experimenting with all the fresh, local ingredients available. There’s nothing like the taste of a meal made with vegetables picked just hours before.

But summer isn’t just for gardening and cooking. It’s also the perfect time to explore the great outdoors. I find myself drawn to nature trails, where the canopy of trees provides a cool respite from the heat. There’s something about walking through the woods, with the light filtering through the leaves and the sound of a nearby stream, that’s just so grounding. 

This season is also about enjoying the simple pleasures. Like lying on the grass, watching the clouds drift by, or catching fireflies as the evening falls. It’s about picnics in the park, backyard barbecues with friends, and impromptu road trips to wherever the road takes us. Summer has this way of making us feel more free, more adventurous, and more connected to the people and the world around us.

And as the days stretch out, there’s this sense of time slowing down, allowing us to savor each moment. Whether it’s tending to the garden, going for a hike, or just sitting outside with a good book, summer encourages us to live fully and joyously. It’s a reminder to embrace life with open arms and to find happiness in the warmth of the sun and the abundance of nature.

So, for me, summer is all about making the most of what nature has to offer, in every way possible. It’s a time to celebrate the earth’s generosity, to connect with its rhythms, and to fill our days with as much joy and sunshine as we can.

fall self-care
Nature's Calendar - Embracing Fall

Fall: A Period of Harvest and Reflection

When fall rolls around, the world turns into this beautiful, golden-hued painting. There’s something about those rich, warm colors that just makes you want to slow down and breathe it all in. It’s as if nature itself is telling us to take a step back, to start winding down and getting ready for the quieter, more introspective months that lie ahead.

In my garden, fall is harvest time. It’s incredibly satisfying to gather the fruits and vegetables that I’ve nurtured over the months. There’s a sense of fulfillment in harvesting these gifts from the earth, knowing that they’re the result of hard work and care. But it’s not just about the physical act of harvesting. Fall also makes me think about the things I’ve achieved and learned throughout the year. It’s a time for taking stock of personal growth and changes, kind of like harvesting the fruits of my own life’s labor.

This season is also about preservation – both in the literal and metaphorical sense. Canning, drying, and storing away the summer’s bounty for the colder months is almost a ritual for me. It’s a way of holding onto the abundance of summer, of making sure that there’s plenty to nourish us through winter. In a broader sense, it’s also about preserving memories and experiences, holding onto the lessons and joys of the year.

Fall is a time for community and togetherness, too. There’s something about the crisp air and the early evenings that makes gatherings feel cozier. Whether it’s a potluck with neighbors, a bonfire with friends, or just a family dinner with the season’s harvest, there’s a sense of warmth and connection that comes with sharing and celebrating together.

And as the days get shorter and the nights longer, I find myself getting more reflective. Fall is the perfect time to sit with a cup of tea and a journal, to think about where I’ve been and where I’m going. It’s a season that invites introspection and contemplation, preparing us for the quiet and stillness of winter.

So, to me, fall is this beautiful, bittersweet symphony of harvesting, preserving, reflecting, and connecting. It’s a reminder to enjoy the earth’s bounty, to cherish our connections, and to take the time to reflect on our journey. As the leaves turn and the air grows crisp, it’s a call to embrace the beauty of change and to prepare ourselves for the cycle of renewal that lies ahead.

pine resin
Nature's Calendar - Embracing Winter

Winter: Embracing Stillness and Inner Focus

There’s something about winter that just invites you to slow down and turn inward. When I look outside and see the bare branches and the world blanketed in snow, it feels like nature is giving us permission to take a break, to really embrace the quiet and stillness that this season brings.

Winter is the perfect time for some much-needed rest. It’s like the world is asleep, and that peacefulness is contagious. I find myself moving a bit slower, taking the time to cozy up and really savor the quiet moments. It’s a season for conserving energy, not just because it’s cold outside, but because there’s something inherently restorative about doing less and being more.

This time of year is also ideal for some deep reflection. With the hustle and bustle of the other seasons behind us, winter feels like a blank slate, a quiet space where we can think and get in touch with our inner selves. I love to spend these months journaling, reading, and just pondering life. It’s a chance to look back on the past year, to think about what worked and what didn’t, and to dream about what’s to come.

Winter is also when I dive into crafting herbal remedies. There’s something really grounding about working with herbs, about connecting with the ancient practices of my ancestors. It’s a way to bring a bit of nature indoors, to remember that even in the depths of winter, life is quietly thriving beneath the surface. Making teas, tinctures, and salves is not just a hobby for me; it’s a way to reconnect with the old wisdom and to take care of myself and my loved ones in the most natural way possible.

But more than anything, winter is a time to honor the stillness in and around us. In today’s world, where everything is always go, go, go, this season is a gentle reminder that it’s okay to pause, to rest, and to just be. It’s a time for self-care, for recharging our batteries, and for preparing ourselves for the renewal that spring will bring.

So, in a way, winter is a gift. It’s a season that invites us to slow down, to reflect, and to connect with ourselves on a deeper level. It’s a time to embrace the quiet, to find comfort in the stillness, and to let ourselves rest and rejuvenate in preparation for the vibrant months ahead.

ancestral living - me walking in a field
Nature's Calendar - me walking in a field in winter

Living in Accordance with Nature’s Rhythms

By following nature’s calendar and tuning into these natural changes and letting them guide our activities, diet, and mindset, we do more than just live seasonally – we embrace a rhythm that has guided human life for millennia. Integrating the concept of a seasonal life into our daily routine means aligning ourselves more closely with the natural world. This alignment leads to a more harmonious and balanced existence. It’s about making small, mindful shifts that honor the unique character of each season and, in turn, honor the deepest parts of ourselves.

For me, living seasonally is not just a choice but a way of life. It’s a path that fosters a deep connection with nature, personal growth, and a sense of community. As we journey through each season, we learn to appreciate the subtle yet profound lessons they offer, enriching our lives and deepening our connection to the earth and to ourselves.

In embracing the rhythms of nature, we find timeless wisdom that guides us towards a more authentic, fulfilling, and sustainable way of living. It’s a journey that reconnects us with the ancient knowledge of our ancestors and the natural world, offering a sense of peace and belonging that only comes from being in tune with the earth’s natural cycles.

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