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Easy Homemade Gifts Ideas and Recipes for Everyone on Your List

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Ready for an amazing gift-giving season this year? You know those Homemade Gifts Ideas you’ve been wanting to try? Why not do it now? Homemade gifts are the best because they are a one of a kind, unique, and are gifts of the heart. This is a great time of the year to try new, herbal gift ideas like homemade herbal bath melts, and hand salves.

If you decide to make your own herbal gifts for the holidays, here are some other homemade gifts ideas that are easy enough for just about anyone to make.

homemade gifts ideas

Homemade Gifts Ideas for Tea Lovers

Is there a tea lover in your life?  Nourishing Herbal Teas are the best! This Winter Tea Spice Blend is perfect for the winter seasons and would make a lovely homemade gift to give.  It’s easy to make and smells amazing! 

This lovely tea spice blend tastes wonderfully warm and spicy, and looks so pretty in a jar. If giving as a gift, I recommend tying on a little wooden scoop and adding a pretty label or gift tag like these Free printable ones. The recipient of this gift won’t be able to resist how beautiful it is with the star anise and pink peppercorns! 

tea spice
tea spice
winter spice tea blend

Homemade Gifts Ideas for the Bath

It’s no secret that bathing has scientifically proven health benefits, with water being long revered for its therapeutic properties. Taking a therapeutic bath with bath tea, salts, and melts can provide a host of benefits and make great gifts to add to gift baskets or stockings or to give as hostess gifts throughout the holiday season. 

These chamomile and oat bath melts are a dream come true for those with sensitive skin, or anyone who appreciates a soothing bath. The infusion of chamomile flowers will soothe the skin, while the oats are calming and soothing. These bath melts make a great gift that will leave the recipient begging for more.

Help your loved ones elevate their bath by gifting them some bath tea blends.  Here are 12 simple herbal bath tea recipes that make great gifts when added to muslin bags and tied with festive ribbon and gift tags. 

How about gifting a jar of Cedarwood and Sage Bath Salts? This evergreen forest bath salt is my very favorite bath soak recipe for winter.  Luxurious Dead Sea salt is combined with other therapeutic salts along with the grounding and antimicrobial nature of pine needles, cedar, juniper, and sage for a relaxing bath. Who wouldn’t love this?

And as the air becomes crisp, there’s something utterly enchanting about embracing the scents of the season. That’s where this Spiced Sugar Body Scrub comes in, a delightful concoction that captures the essence of the holidays in a jar. This scrub is a blend of sugar, spice, and everything nice, featuring the warming aromas of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, paired with a nourishing base that leaves your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. It’s like wrapping yourself in your favorite cozy sweater, but for your skin. Perfect for sloughing off dry skin and revitalizing your senses, this body scrub would make the perfect addition to your loved ones’ cold weather self-care rituals.

bath melts
autumn spice

Homemade Cleaning Sprays and Room Fresheners

For the eco-conscious person on your gift list, these all natural cleaning sprays and room fresheners make a great addition to gift baskets when paired with things like organic washcloths and towels. 

This DIY all-natural pine cleaning spray is perfect for your home as well as for a seasonal host/ess gift. Wild pine needles are naturally anti-microbial and antiviral, making them the perfect choice for this cleaning product.  Or make this all-natural DIY disinfectant spray. It’s cost-effective, smells great, is better for your health, and makes a thoughtful gift. 

In addition to these wonderful options, consider the delightful benefits of making your own lavender linen spray. This all-natural spray not only keeps your bedding blissfully fresh, but also doubles as a charming room freshener. The scent of lavender is renowned for its relaxing properties, making it a splendid choice for those who value a peaceful retreat in their home. Plus, to make gifting this homemade delight even easier, the article comes with free printable labels. These charming labels add a personal touch to your present, making your handcrafted lavender linen spray an even more special and thoughtful gift.

Make your own lavender linen spray

Homemade Herbal Gifts

Many homemade herbal products take a bit of time to infuse or prepare. While it’s mostly hands-off time, it’s definitely something to be planned ahead and to begin thinking about now! 

Small bottles of tinctures or little tins of salves make excellent stocking stuffers. 

Learn how to make a herbal tincture—a great way to preserve herbs and give as gifts or to add to your own herbal apothecary for use throughout the year. Through this article, you will learn the ins and outs of how to make a herbal tincture

Make this simple, but effective healing salve made with comfrey, calendula, and purple dead nettle that’s perfect for hard-working hands. Or, make this homemade dandelion salve that is especially good for sore muscles, joints, and dry skin.

Other homemade gifts ideas

Salt dough ornaments are a great, easy craft project that you can do in an afternoon. Salt dough ornaments are a fun activity for the whole family and make for wonderful homemade gifts for loved ones.

Try making these simple DIY fire starters for a unique, woodsy look. They’re great for warming up your hearth and keeping you cozy this winter, and they’re great for gift giving!

For those who adore the warm, spicy scent of the holidays, creating homemade cinnamon ornaments is a delightful project. These charming decorations, which you can learn to make from this article, bring a touch of artisanal beauty to any holiday decor. They’re not only enjoyable to craft but also make for heartfelt gifts that carry the personal touch of your handiwork.

In addition to cinnamon ornaments, consider the rustic elegance of Dried Orange Slices for creating natural homemade ornaments. This guide will walk you through the process of making these beautifully translucent, citrusy ornaments that catch the light with a stained-glass effect. Paired with cinnamon sticks or nestled among evergreen boughs, these dried orange slice ornaments can add a burst of color and a fresh, fruity fragrance to your festive decorations or gift baskets.

dried orange slices

Hopefully this list of homemade gifts ideas has inspired you in some way to consider making your own gifts to give to loved ones this holiday season. Homemade gifts are special because they’re unique and heart felt. This is a great time of the year to try new, homemade gifts ideas. Happy gift-making!

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