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My Core Values and Personal Philosophy

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I’m so glad you are here. I’d like to share a bit about what I stand for at The Outdoor Apothecary. My core values and personal philosophy.

Core Values & Philosophy

I believe that we all have an innate need to gather and share moments with one another. That’s why I would like to inspire you to create authentic, meaningful, and intentional celebrations of nature and seasonal changes with family, friends, and community. I strive to encourage you to gather in the field and garden- all in the name of connection to ourselves, to nature, and to each other.


I believe that personal growth is inevitable when you slow down and connect to nature. If we can sync our days in and days out to the natural rhythm of the seasons, will we be happier people? I think yes. Growing more wise, grounded, soulful, self-reliant, and more enriched in body and spirit is the imminent result of cultivating a reciprocal relationship with nature and plants. For example, gardening teaches us how to tend to needs and nurture life. Personal growth requires nourishment, and that’s why we value nourishing ourselves literally and soulfully through engaging with nature.

Honoring NATURE & Our Ancestors

I believe in the importance of honoring nature and our ancestors just as much as we honor ourselves and our community. We are nature, and we are a part of our ancestors. I believe that sustainability and stewarding the land in the most regenerative ways is critical to any engagement with nature. My commitment to sustainability is represented in low-impact foraging, organic + permaculture gardening and sustainable wildcrafting ethos and methodologies. I only endorse brands and products that uphold equivalently high standards.

I also believe that honoring our ancestors is the first step in reclaiming our spiritual heritage. The most important and most challenging way to honor our ancestors is to fulfill our personal potential and life’s purpose here on Earth. I do this by striving to reclaim the knowledge of plant medicine and nature connectedness that my ancestors knew, and to share that knowledge with all of you. 

The Outdoor Apothecary


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The Outdoor Apothecary


I have one small favor to ask: take a moment to think about what your struggle is right now?

What is holding you back from living more in-tune with nature? From slowing down and simplifying your life? From growing the garden of your dreams? From wildcrafting with confidence? From finding joy every day? From being more self-sufficient?

Whether it’s technical advice you need, or support from someone who gets you, I want to know that the Outdoor Apothecary’s purpose is here to help you find All those things. We are a growing community of like-minded folks who are so glad to have YOU along on this journey!

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In peace & love,

The Outdoor Apothecary

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