spring equinox

the first day of spring

The First Day of Spring: Everything You need to know and 10 ways to celebrate

Are you looking for ways to celebrate the first day of spring and the vernal equinox? This blog post has everything you need to know about the arrival of spring and 10 nature-based ways to celebrate the season! With this list, you’re sure to find something to do that will make the first day of spring special.


Ostara: A History of the Spring Equinox and 10 Easy Ways to Honor the Season

Discover the ancient history of Ostara, the pagan celebration of the spring equinox, and learn 10 easy ways to honor the season. From decorating your home to planting new life, this guide offers tips for celebrating the arrival of spring and embracing the renewal of nature. Perfect for those seeking a deeper connection with the earth and its cycles.

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