February 2022

bare root fruit trees

Bare Root Fruit Trees—The Cheap Way to Grow Your Own Fruit

Bare root fruit trees are cheaper than container-grown trees, easier to plant and the first-year survival rate is much higher. In this article, we explain what bare root trees are, how to plant them, and how to care for them after planting.

ginger bug

How to Make a Ginger Bug for Healthy Homemade Sodas

There’s no need to buy store-bought sodas when you can make your own homemade fermented sodas at home with ginger bug. This free-range culture is easy to catch and maintain so you can make probiotic sodas all year round.

field guides

30+ Best Field Guides & Plant Identification Books

Today I want to share a list of my favorite field guides on plant identification as well as some useful tips on using field guides and other resources to identify different species.

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